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In Western iconography, Saint Ann patron of mothers is recognized by a red robe and green mantle. She often holds a book. Images picture Anne holding a small Mary who in turn holds an infant Christ

St. Ann patron symbols include her careful instruction of Mary; a flowering rod; a crown; a nest of young birds; the Golden Gate of Jerusalem; the infant Virgin in a crib. St. Ann's shield has silver border masoned in black, with silver lily on a blue field referring to the girlhood of the Virgin. She is often portrayed as a woman holding Mary or Jesus in her arms; a woman at her betrothal to Joachim; a mother teaching Mary to read the Bible; a woman greeting Saint Joachim at Golden Gate or a woman with a book in her hand.

Saint Anne medals like all religious medals are metal tokens featuring a unique significance of the faith of a person. They characterize the symbols and practices which reflect the belief of a particular religion. They are common in Hinduism. Buddhism and Catholicism. Adopted from the ritual practices of tribes, the use of religious medals resembles the ancient practice of using amulets to defend the evil practices. Some impart sacredness to these religious medals; others consider it only a souvenir or a commemorative piece.

Religious medals usually feature the picture of the deity. Popular medals of Hinduism include Kali, Durga, Sarasvati, Parvati, Krishna, Siva, Ganesh, Hanuman, etc. Some medals feature the holy geometrical figures. Religious medals of Catholicism feature the picture of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary and the patron saints. Some of the Catholic medals are issued as memorials of special events or places. Some medals have carvings such as "pray for us." Miraculous medals represent the Blessed Virgin Mary. St. Ann medals represent her as the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Religious medals are popular because of the belief that they can impart good fortune to people and assure the devotion to God. Those who use the medals trust that the medals will protect them from evil spirits and help keep the virtues of the life.

As an expression of Christian faith has become less regularized, the wearing of different styles of Christian religious pieces has become more accepted. Rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, pins, brooches, and more include Crosses and crucifixes, Denominational medallions, Depictions of Jesus; the Virgin Mary, a Dove; a Mustard seed; The Icthys or Fish Symbol; Angels; symbols of faith, hope and charity (Love); Praying Hands; symbols of patron saints and rosary beads. Among the most popular in types of Jewish Jewelry are the Star of David; Chai Pendants; Hamsah Jewelry; an image of the Menorah; he tree of Life or Hebrew Verses. New age jewelry often has its basis in crystals, gems, and talismans or may be based on the zodiac, horoscope symbols, and numerology. Celtic or rune jewelry is often grouped with new age jewelry and may include dragons, "power" beads, amulets, or "healing" crystals

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